Sawa Bona- “I See You” by Gavan Ambrosini

Sawa Bona- “I see you” by Gavan Ambrosini

As a career coach for the past 10 years, I have been helping professionals navigate their way through the career transition. My scope of practice has expanded to include executive coaching in the workplace.  Why the switch? Through my work, it has become abundantly clear that what happens on the job has a profound impact on your self-view and the overall quality of your life.

A key finding Gallup has discovered through conducting global surveys is that your career satisfaction is directly tied to your well-being.   And yet 7 out of 10 people are disengaged or unhappy in their jobs. That is 70% of the workforce!  That is a whole lot of unhappy people, going through the motions every day, in the wrong jobs or the wrong career.  Perhaps they just need a new perspective? I am not in this business to help people switch careers, but rather to find satisfaction in what they do already.  As a StrengthsFinder facilitator, and strengths based coach for the past several years, I help people see themselves as powerful contributors in their work and in their lives.  Why do we need to focus on what you don’t have?  If we constantly try and make up for our gaps or shortfalls to be passably good at everything, we are going to have a lot of average people running around trying to be like everyone else.  Where is the good in that?

I help my clients with their own-self view.  As a coach, I am trained to listen for the themes and stories that we tell ourselves. My job is to help you re-orient yourself so that you can see the unique and powerful person that you are. Years of working with people in career transition has helped me hone the skill of finding what makes you unique. Many of the folks I have worked with had lost their jobs through no fault of their own.  My job has been to help them pick up the pieces and repackage their skills and experiences into a powerful whole again.  Years of identifying your self-worth to your job or career can have a devastating effect on your confidence when are no longer employed. To rebrand yourself, you need to be able to see yourself in a positive & powerful light!  Or how can you expect others to see you that way? I help people present themselves the way they are meant to be seen.  Together, we uncover opportunities that are in alignment with your strengths, values and vision.

Career coaching and consulting focuses on getting you into an organization.  Executive coaching focuses on what happens when you are already on the inside.  Common themes that come up with clients in that space are leadership & communication challenges, managing up, managing down, setting priorities and setting boundaries.  Execs want to be leaders and focus on vision and strategy, but they can’t get there when they are constantly putting out fires around them.  This crosses gender lines as executives struggle with how to get the most out of the day, their direct reports and their careers.  I take my clients through a structured process of helping them define what is, to designing what is possible.  Through a thought- provoking process of inquiry and reflection, we work through what is important to you, to help you create what you want more of in your life and/or in your career.

What my clients walk away with is a clear vision of themselves—a confidence that helps them clearly articulate what they want and what they need.  It starts with incremental steps:  Identifying the barriers to what is getting in the way to having what you want.  Finding ways to look at things through another lens,  identifying all your options and then creating steps to get you moving the needle forward.  More options=more solutions.  I will challenge you to consider other perspectives to view a situation by–encourage you to discover the learning or the gift, and always take a moment to give pause for reflection.  It is how we grow and learn as leaders.

There are 2 things most of my clients struggle with in their current roles:  Work /Life balance, and creating an impact as a leader.  Can you have both?  Is it even possible?  Yes, you can.  We can unpack the stories that you have created about what defines success and what is getting in your way to get what you really want.  When we can look at what your strengths are, your values, and what makes you shine and we can build a bridge to get you in your optimal space of creation and productivity.  Living is action.  Life is short.  It means getting out of your head and finally tackling what you need to do to get what you really want in your life.  Together we work on paving a clear pathway, removing obstacles to get the best out of your day, your career, your life!

My gift as a coach is to hear you and see you for who you are.—”Sowa Bona”:  An African greeting that means I see you.  I will reflect back to you what you have shared and help you see you how we see you.  We will capitalize on your strengths because those are your gifts.  The world deserves to know them.