Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy

Finding a job is a job.  There is no way around it.  So if you are going to do well at your new job of finding a job—you need to get a plan in place.  It doesn’t help to take the spaghetti noodles against the wall approach where you throw it all out there to see what sticks.  You need to target your job search.  Do the research and choose where you want to focus your energy.  Each time you apply to a job, it can take up to 2 hours of your precious time filling out the application, targeting the resume, creating a cover letter.  If you are applying for a job you found on a job board—unless it is a specialized position that very few people have skills in (including you) you better be spot on in what you offer as knowledge, skills and abilities.

Create an excel spreadsheet to capture your list of targeted employers and their data

Have  a professional sounding email and don’t use yahoo, hotmail, Aol or Comcast.  Gmail is your best bet since you will need one anyhow to access anything associated with Google.  Use your first initial and last name and even a few numbers since your name will likely be taken.  It needs to be professional and have your name in there.  Use your cell (not home phone) nobody uses their home phone anymore.  It is a sign that you are definitely not hip or accessible—or you are a homebody.  None of those are good.

Get some networking cards with your name, title, a tagline of no more than a few words if possible, cell, email and linkedin and/ website/twitter or blog.  You can create a free website through wordpress or  If you have a specialty in something—time to create a digital footprint that showcases your credibility in the field!  If anyone comes looking for you—you want to have something to offer-and it can all be done free.

Now that your tools are in place?  Time to start networking your way into those companies.  Part of your job search strategy is to get yourself OUT THERE!