Cover Letter

To Write or Not –Your Cover Letter Question Answered

Cover letters are where you can breathe life into your candidacy.  It is here where you can namedrop a referral, share a personal story, communicate your passion for the industry or cause, or show your enthusiasm for the position or the company.  In a cover letter, you can address the elephant in the room—whether that is a lack of experience, too much experience, gaps in your work history or education.  If it is in another city, you can communicate your connection to that city or that company and that your intention is to move there regardless.  People don’t want to take a chance on you unless they trust your reasons for moving there are more than “because you are hiring.”  Should you always send a cover letter?  In a word-Yes.  Unless specifically requested to NOT send a cover letter, it is always in your best interest to send one.  It will give you an edge over others who don’t—demonstrate your communication and writing style, give you personality and life to an otherwise lifeless read (the resume) and could be the thing that brings you in for a resume.  Admittedly, not everyone reads cover letters—but that should matter not.  Like manners, you always want to show your very best version of yourself—and look at it as an opportunity to get the reader to get to know you.