A word on resumes

A Word On Resumes

Resumes are meant to be a highlight of your relevant skills and experience targeted towards the job you are applying for.  Not a regurgitation of your life story.  As a recruiter, I have reviewed 1000’s of resumes and the number 1 turn off for me –a wordy resume. One with no room to breathe or digest what is being shared on the page.  I shut down after 2-3 sentences and the rest becomes a whir of words on a page.  It is unfortunate—but many people don’t even get a second glance because they don’t know how to highlight the good stuff. People assume recruiters will read the whole thing to get to what is relevant, but sadly not the case.  If a resume doesn’t catch my attention in terms of relevant skills or experience on the top half of the first page—you’ve lost me.  Make every word and phrase count-Use white space-Give information in little sound bites of 2-3 sentences.  Break it up with bold headings but don’t go crazy on fonts and avoid italics.