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Time for change

How do you stand out from the crowd when you can’t keep all the balls in the air?

You know this pace is not sustainable.  You want change.  You want to make a difference.

Ambrosini Consulting Group offers organizational consulting and executive coaching.  We help individuals, teams and organizations gain clarity and design actions to get you or your business back on track– and back into the game.

Achieve what is possible

Assess where you are–determine where you want to go–and map out a workable plan to get you there.

Through a structured process, we will challenge your assumptions of what is important, what is possible, and empower you to make decisions to move you forward.  Learn how to get out of your own way!  Discover ways to let go of what is holding you back like fear or habits and learn how to hold yourself accountable and do what you say you want to do.

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“Gavan helped me look inward and presented many resources to gain clarity in defining priorities, vision and to set goals. I was able to view the challenges my company was facing from a different perspective and gain insight into better problem-solving.  I found space to re-imagine what was possible for my company and focus on strategic planning.  Gavan is very skilled at helping to set realistic goals and making sure you are held accountable to them.  She is a great listener and was able to skillfully navigate conversations and meetings to gain as much data as possible to formulate game plans.  Gavan’s superpower is making you realize that no matter what type of situation or business you are in there are solutions to your issues.  If you want a coach who genuinely cares about your success and will work with tenacity until it is achieved, look no further.”

Paul Labbe  CEO, Owner 

Planet Dental & Menta Dentistry


“Gavan has a warmth in her listening style and asks questions that unlock what is already known but may not be fully understood. Her genuine interest and intent for others’ well-being is undeniable. She listened to me on days when I felt burdened and disempowered by stress and helped me flip my perspective, gain a deeper understanding of how I was limiting myself and showed so much caring for my potential. I received a generous gift from her, to be heard fully, without expectation. I will always be grateful.”

Sara Mentze

Director UC Davis


“I simply cannot say enough positives about Gavan’s contribution to my successful job search.  Gavan was able to help greatly improve my resume, which garnered results from employers quickly.  She also was incredibly supportive and positive through my entire job search process.  She helped me strategize during my search and gave me useful tools (websites, articles, and more) to research companies and job descriptions/advertisements.  She was simply instrumental in my finding a great job”

Jonathan Robles JD, ESQ

Senior HR Analyst – East Bay Municipal Utilities District


“Gavan is an amazing coach and person. She is patient, warm, compassionate and light-hearted. She gives me a sense of immediate ease that she is right there with me and that she is on my side supporting me in a non-judgmental way. While she has challenged me to reach my higher good professionally, she is smooth and tactful in her approach to challenging negative self-beliefs or limitations when it is difficult to see through the clouds. She is a wonderful listener and is excellent at reflecting back what has been said so you feel a sense of being heard and validated. This has also had the power to shift my perspective and allowed me to stretch to achieve what is possible. I am grateful for Gavan’s guidance as a coach. She is a gem!”

Charmaign Lomastro, M.A., GCDF

Career Coach | Professional Resume Writer


“I am writing this to wholeheartedly endorse Gavan Ambrosini for her Career Management and Facilitating Workshop skills. If you have the opportunity I would recommend taking part in any workshop or presentation she is giving. You will find a charismatic speaker who cuts to the heart directly with candor and laughter relating a wealth of personal and professional experience that is both useful and engaging. In every industry there is a person who understands the value of experience and the principles of hard work, and who is able to distill that knowledge down to the essential benefits for an audience: In Career Management that is Gavan.”

Dan Derenpentigny, M.Ed

Business Development Manager| Executive Sales Consultant


 “The only way to predict your future is to create it”    

                                                                           -Peter Drucker